Sahmyook Medical Center

Hospital of Integrity
run by the Sahmyook Foundation,
a Christian Church Foundation with tradition and history that goes back 110 years

The Sahmyook Foundation is making contributions to Korean society in various areas such as medical service, aid agency, education, food business. In particular, its education field encompasses 10 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, 7 high schools, Sahmyook university and Sahmyook Health University College. And it runs 1,814,591 primary and secondary educational institutions worldwide.

Teachers do their best to develop students potential utmost. In terms of medical institutions, the Sahmyook Foundation of Korea has S ahmyook Medical Center, Sahmyook Adventist Dental Hospital, Busan Adventist Hospital, Eden Adventist Hospital, Yeosu Adventist Sanitarium Hospital.

And 175 hospitals and 447 clinics are under operation all over the world. Other sister organizations are Sijosa(publishing house), Sahmyook Foods, Nomok Nature Observatory, ADRA Korea, SDA Language Institute etc.