Sahmyook Medical Center

24 Hour
Cardiovascular Center

SYMC's 24 hour Cardiovascular Center is operated by medical teams made up of specialists of internal medicine, cardio-thoracic surgery and special nurses around the clock. The center, selected as superior team that treats acute myocardial infarction well in 2013 can carry out cardiac angiography, cardiovascular intervention(stent), coronary artery bypass, artificial valve transplantation with its excellent skills.

Cardiac problems(chest pains, difficulty in breathing etc) may cause patients to die. If diagnosis and treatment are performed promptly, the survival rate of acute myocardial infarction, heart attack, shock caused by heart problems can rise accordingly. So if heart problems happen, come quickly to SYMC by using 119 emergency service. After consultation of emergency medical doctors, patients can get proper treatments or relevant surgeries(cardiac angiography, cardiovascular intervention(stent), etc) from a cardiovascular specialist team in our 24 hour cardiovascular center.

Test list of cardiovascular center

  • · Basic test :electrocardiogram(ECG)
  • · Hypertension :24 hours hypertension test
  • · Cardiac insufficiency :echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiogram, measurement of BNP, measurement of maximum oxygen consumption
  • · Angina :exercise(tolerance)test exercise tolerance/pharmacologic stress echocardiography
  • · Nuclear medicine imaging :cardiac isotope scan imaiing(Thallium SPECT, MIBI SPECT)
  • · Cardiovascular angiography :coronary arteriography and surgical procedures
  • · Peripheral atherosclerosis :partial hypertension measurement, measurement of Doppler flow, carotid ultrasonography, peripheral blood vessel imaging
  • · Arrhythmia :Holter monitoring(24 hours)
  • · Cerebrovascular disease :Brain MRI, MR angio, cerebrovascular imaging