Sahmyook Medical Center



Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Encountering of latest medicine and heavenly medicine
Lifestyle Medicine Institute focuses on complete recovery from diseases by holding down treatment using latest medical technologies and running cure through pursuing desirable life style at the same time. It tries to help people to form good habits and correct intemperate lifestyle to prevent and treat diseases. To this end, the institute runs comprehensive medical checkup center, medical checkup programs by National Health Insurance Service(NHIS), fiveday smoking cessation school(adult and student programs), laughter therapy, health camp, health education programs. ·For more : 82-2-2210-3145, 3146

Ujawon Nursing Home

SYMC Senior Care Center
Ujawon takes care of seniors who get 1st, 2nd and 3rd rate(facilities benefits) of long term care insurance. Selected as a superior care institution and located in the beautiful nature, Ujawon(120 beds) established an advanced unit care system, providing nutrition service, psycho-social service and other services linked with community as well as daily life support service, medical treatment, nursing service, rehabilitation service. Inhome senior welfare center operates day care center(all day and night) and does home care service(both daily life service and skilled nursing service). · For more : 82-2-3394-5467~8

Postpartum Care Center

Pediatricians do rounds
Teams of specialists combined with doctors, nurses and nutritionists stay 24 hours and help mothers who achieved the great mission by experiencing birth pains for life. Natural environment around the center and harmonious programs combined with treatment and preventive cure would provide mothers and babies with good rest and recovery. · For more : 82-2-2210-3366

Chumokwan Funeral Home

Best space for beautiful farewell4
With 107-year history and tradition, Chumokwan Funeral Home is equipped with 13 mourning rooms with various sizes(gross area-6,410 square meter). As a christian institution, Chumokwan provides customer-tailed service based on direct management and fixed-price system honestly. Its facilities are various and convenient to use ranging from wide parking lot, exclusive sleeping rooms for the bereaved, separated type of mourning room and reception room for guests, guest houses, outdoor park to bank. · For more : 82-2-2215-4444

Sahmyook Leaders' Mutual Aid

Pursing a front-runner of dying well campaign by providing integrated service
Sahmyook Leaders' Mutual Aid, operated by Sahmyook Fo undation and dire ctly manage d by S ahmyo ok Medical Center, is trustworthy and faithfully observant of standardized agreement set by Fair Trade Commission. Its customer deposit is safely placed in Uri Bank, one of the representative commercial banks in Korea. Sahmyook Leaders' has the largest numbers in terms of members as a local mutual aid and liked with SYMC and its other affiliated organizations(nursing home, funeral home, cemetery park). With its special features, Sahmyook Leaders' is pursing the leader of the industry of dying well. · For more : 82-2-2249-3636