Sahmyook Medical Center

A hospital
established by sweat
and blood of missionaries

succeeds their dedication and volunteer spirit

Sahmyook Medical Center was established by self-giving missionaries who sacrificed even their life as well as personal comfort. It founded Sungyookwon to take care of war orphans from Korean War in 1950 and dispatched nurses to enlighten sense of hygiene and vaccination to the whole country in 1958. It also sent missionary nurses to Libya, Africa in 1968 and practiced free clinics. Launched 'Angel', a medical missionary amphibian in 1969.
SYMC has sent volunteer medical teams to the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China etc for 20 times since 1996 to perform free clinic service, construction, scholarship projects, emergency relief. They are showing spirit of sharing through volunteer work.
SYMC's efforts to share with other people continuously bore fruits and it was awarded for Hanmi True Medical Care Provider Prize from Seoul Medical Association on Dec. 3rd, 2012. All the staff of SYMC try to answer God's call to show his affluent love and spread his messages to every corner of the world through personal mission work and service and sacrifice as it was blessed by God's love a century ago.

Status of SYMC overseas medical mission projects
· Dispatching overseas medical volunteer teams to the Philippines, Indonesia, India, China for more than 20 times.
· The number of overseas medical volunteers : 307
· The number of domestic medical volunteers : 1,898
· 1Dispatching volunteer teams to Mindoro, Philippines 7 times from 1996.
- Supporting 46 million won to establish 6 churches on 151 square meter site.
- Granting scholarship of 50 million won to 186 students for 7 years from 2005 to 2012.
- Supporting repairing of ambulance, water facilities and buying cows.

Status of SYMC overseas medical mission projects photo