Sahmyook Medical Center

Hospital that produced
the physician to the first president of Korea
with 115th anniversary of history

Sahmyook Medical Center, cerebrating its 113th anniversary in 2020, is a time-honored medical institution that produced the physician to the first president of Korea and the attending doctor of late first lady, Yook Young Su. SYMC established an advanced medical system by introducing American style internship program for the first time in Korea in 1950. It was designated as the first official hospital for a physical checkup of US visa application in 1957. SYMC is now performing physical checkups for visa application of Australia, Canada and New Zealand. It also plays a role of provider for AFSPA(American Foreign Service Protective Association) by providing medical services for U. S. embassy personnel and U. S. soldiers.

Sahmyook Medical Center was selected as the first grade medical institution specializing in stomach and colon cancer operations by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment and rated the first grade in preventive antibiotic use outcome in 2012. It was selected as a superior institution treating acute myocardial infarction in 2013 and achieved the first grade on prescribed drug fee and antibiotic use outcome for acute tympanitis of infants in 2014.

SYMC's superior quality of medical service and patient safety were getting national accreditation by getting certification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. SYMC meets all the criteria set by government of South Korea as well as international standard.

As a christian institution, SYMC has made contributions to various volunteer works domestically and internationally so it was prized for Hanmi True Medical Care Provider Prize from Seoul Medical Association in 2012.

President, Geo Seung Yang, MD