Sahmyook Medical Center

Specialized outpatient departments
appointment and inquires for treatment :


hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease(angina, cardiac infarction), cardiovascular intervention(stent), difficulty in breathing(cardiac insufficiency), myocardial disease, myocarditis, valvular disease of the heart, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, implantable pacemaker, defibrillator, phlebothrombosis, the pulmonary artery blood clot, the pulmonary artery hypertension, angitis, leg vein diseases, aortic disease, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal congenital defect, syncope


gastroscopy/colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, pancreatic cholangioscope and other therapeutic endoscopy, hepatocirrhosis, cirrhosis, hepatic insufficiency, hepatoma, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, functional dyspepsia, Gallbladder polyp, biliary tract cancer, biliary obstruction, cholelithiasis, colorectal cancer, colon polyp, chronic infection, chronic pancreatitis, constipation, gullet disease, duodenal ulcer, reflux esophagitis, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach ulcer, gastric adenoma, gastritis, stomach cancer, benign tumor of stomach, stomach and intestines disease, hereditary colorectal cancer, intestinal tuberculosis, fatty liver, pancreatic cystic tumor, pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, pancreatopathy, Crohn's disease


acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, nephritis, diabetic kidney disease, peritoneal dialysis, blood dialysis, hypertensive nephropathy, glomerulus kidney disease, h(a)ematuria, edema, albuminuria


bronchitis, bronchus endoscope, bronchiectasia, other lung diseases, other respiratory diseases, pleura disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, chronic respiratory disease, early state of lung cancer, mediastinal lesions, tuberculosis, pulmonary hypertension, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, pulmonary vascular disease, respiratory failure


diabetes, thyroid disease, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, adrenopathy, pituitary gland disease, metabolic disease, obesity, endocrinopathy

Division of Infectious Disease

fever disease, lymphadenitis, tuberculosis, nephropyelitis, bladder infection, pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infection, diabetic foot infection, encephalomeningitis, typhoid, malaria, rickettsiosis, syphilis, chickenpox, shingles, measles, viral infection, fungal infection, infection caused by immune-deficiency, HIV infection, adult vaccination, medical checkup for studying abroad, and medical checkup before and after travelling abroad


ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatic disease, sjogren's syndrome, scleroderma, ostarthritis, degenerative arthritis, systemic sclerosis, fibromyalgia syndrome, Behcet's disease, gout


hematodyscrasia, anemia, liver cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, urological cancer, esophageal cancer, malignant melanoma, unknown primary neoplasm, stomach cancer, breast cancer, hemorrhagic disease, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, hematological cancer, conservative manner

General Surgery

breast/thyroid clinic, cancer of digestive organs, liver/biliary, pancreatic disease, cholelithiasis, coloanal clinic, dyschezia, celioscope, vascular surgery, hernia.

Obstetrics and gynecology

heredity, early diagnosis of congenital anomaly, sterility examination, restoration for infertility, antenatal care for high-risk group patient, ultrasonography for pregnant women, laparoscopic surgery, gynecologic tumor, obstetrics, menopause management, VBAC, adolescent clinic, general gynecology, uterine myoma(vaginal hysterectomy)


infectious disease of infants and children, growth, infantile respiratory, infantile allergy, nephritis of children, nutrition of children, vaccination


spinal canal stenosis, slipped disk. fracture of spine and other spine disease, coxarthropathy, total joint replacement, knee joint disease, Total knee replacement arthroplasty, arthroscope, fracture(minimally invasive surgical procedure), senile joint disease, external injury, osteoporosis, senile arthritis, shoulder and knee arthroendoscopy, shoulder rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, calcific tendinitis, recurrent shoulder dislocation, other injusry of bone


headache, cerebrovascular disease, brain tumor, backache, neck and lumbar disc, vertebral disease, movement disorders, cervical pain, dizziness, tingling sensation, peripheral nervous disease, brain damage, vertebral damage, nerve disorder of children, nerve disorder of the old


stroke, muscular/peripheral nerve disease, dementia, headache/dizziness, epilepsy, movement disorder, dyscinesia, insomniac

Family Medicine

chronic fatigue, obesity clinic, chronic disease, early diagnosis of cancer, smoking cessation, anti-aging medicine, vaccination, promotion of health


tympanitis, facial paralysis, improvement of hearing, dizziness, sinus infection, rhinallergosis, faucal disease


cataract, glaucoma, sqiomt eye, pediatric ophthalmology, Lasik, retina clinic(laser treatment), vitreous body, cornea, contact lens, presbyopic correction, artificial tear, keratoconjunctivitis, ophthalmoplasty


andrology, prostate clinic(laser treatment), urine, dysuresia clinic, urolithiasis clinic, urological tumor

Cardiothoracic Surgery

heart surgery(adult), peripheral vascular diseases, thoracic surgery, general(chest) surgery, arteriovenous fistula surgery, hyperhidrosis clinic, cardiac arrest(ECMO), varicose vein clinic, lung surgery by thoracoscopy

Rehabilitation Medicine

sports rehabilitation, rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries, spine intervention, children rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, language rehabilitation, electromyography, musculoskeletal disease, foot clinic, rehabilitation instrument clinic, paresthesia clinic


division of neuropsychiatry for children and youth(attention–deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), learning disability, tic disorder, autism) sleep disorder, toxic psychosis, psychotherapy, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, somatoform disorder, psychoanalysis, analytic psychotherapy, manic depressive illness, schizophrenia, insomnia, dementia, delirium, (alcohol, game)addition therapy, family therapy, marital therapy


skin care, atopy, acne, laser treatment, psoriasis, athlete's foot, hair loss, verruga

Occupational Medicine/Environmental Medicine

occupational disease, lifestyle management and promotion of health for workers, environmental disease(stress)


anesthesia for the elderly, anesthesia for children, intravenous narcosis, regional anesthesia, heart, and lung anesthesia, respiration management, pain clinic


neuroradiology, head and neck radiology, MD–CT, MRI, PEC–CT, ultrasonography, chest radiation, musculoskeletal radiation, abdominal radiation, interventional radiation, angiography, nuclear medicine(ecsomatics, image diagnosis)

Laboratory Medicine

hematology, immunology, physiological chemistry, blood bank, molecular genetics, microorganism, special microorganism


cytopathology, pathology of digestive organs, pathology of gynecology, tissue pathology

Emergency Medical

traumatology, emergency medical for the elderly, addictology, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease, management of critical patient, cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR), toxicology


NHIS medical checkup center dental examination