Sahmyook Medical Center

"Green Oasis" in Seoul,
one of the most dynamic cities in the world

Sahmyook Medical Center is surrounded by Baebong mountain which plays a role of breathing organ of eastern Seoul area and close to Jungnangcheon river so that it can provide clean air and outstanding scenery all through the 4 seasons. Its 15,000-square meter site boasts of gift of nature comprising more than 60 kinds of birds.
Blessed by nature, patients would be cured quickly as they enjoy clean air, listening to chirping bird sound. All 22 outpatient clinics are open on every Sunday so that you can come any time and get physical checkups(comprehensive checkups, NHIS checkups and checkups of visa application for Australia, Canada and New Zealand)and treatment you need without time constraint.

  • Status of Sahmyook Medical Center
  • · 426 bed general hospital and a teaching hospital for and residents
  • · 22 specialized medical departments
  • · No. of MDs-104, nurses-360, total number of staff-767