Sahmyook Medical Center

From surgery to recovery,
Specialists treat directly

Accurate, speedy and high quality medical service with the latest medical equipment

▲ scene of heart surgery by SYMC chest surgery team

With experienced and well-trained a 100 strong doctor and 300 nurse specialists, Sahmyook Medical Center is a general hospital combined with training programs for interns and residents. As of year 2014, SYMC is performing a pilot project of comprehensive nursing service by Ministry of Health and Welfare which nurse specialists provide basic care and quality medical service instead of caregivers and family members of a patient.
To supply prompt and safe treatment, SYMC is equipped with the latest medical equipment including the world highest speed 3 dimensional CT with 6 4 channels produced by General Electric, Siemens 3Tesla MRI, Siemens PET-CT and a EHY-2000, radiofrequency thermal ablation device. Particularly, the bore of Siemens 3Tesla is 70cm, which is the widest among MRI machines in Korea so even claustrophobic or obese patients would feel comfortable during the test.

World highest speed, 3 dimensional CT with 64 channels
3 dimensional image visualization • Only takes 10 seconds to test from head to toe
• Speedy test system allows patients to test on the very day of doctor's consultation

Quick and accurate latest technology, 3.0T(Tesla) MRI
Quick and precise test! • wide bore(70cm)
• relieve claustrophobia
• even children would feel comfortable during the test